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Physical Therapy

Our Mission

It is the goal of the Physical Therapy Department at Pike County Memorial Hospital to provide the highest quality patient care in order to achieve the greatest outcomes. We strive to ensure that our patients achieve their goals and the goals of the physicians (the patient, physician, and physical therapist). PCMH Physical Therapy offers offer many different services.

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Athletic Training, Orthopedics

Athletic Enhancement Programs
Impact Testing/Concussion Management
Pre- and Post- Surgical Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Sports Medicine/Sports Injury Assessments
Vetibular Rehabilitation
Workplace injuries
Functional Capacity Evaluations
Neurological Conditions
Wellness Programs
Outreach Services and Community Education
Sporting Event Coverage

Our Facility

Pike County Memorial Hospital Physical Therapy Department has state-of-the-art equipment including force gauges for work hardening and functional capacity evaluations, and a "Functional Squat" machine for functional, objective measurements and training of the lower extremities (including printed reports).

Why Pike County Memorial Hospital Physical Therapy?

We strive for excellence in our care. Patients are scheduled so that our patient to therapist ratio is very low and allows for more one-on-one care, which produces the best outcomes. Goals are set together with the patient to ensure appropriate outcomes-oriented interventions. Patients are educated about their condition and are encouraged to ask questions regarding their rehabilitation. In addition, lines of communication with physicians are kept open in order to ensure that we administer the treatment and achieve the outcomes desired by the physician.

Monitored Rehab Systems - Functional Squat

The Functional Squat machine utilizes interactive activities to develop and train the neuromuscular system. Sensors are mounted on the functional squat machine which is interfaced to a computer and allows for real-time training and testing. The computer screen allows the patient to participate in interactive video "games" that assist the patient in achieving the ultimate strength, control, and coordination of the lower extremity muscles. The use of the computer screen is intended to give the patient automatic feedback, which then activates various muscles and aspects of the nervous system. This activation is essential in order to produce the best outcomes with rehabilitation. The Functional Squat machine is another tool that has been added to our department to assist in the delivery of a very comprehensive rehabilitation program.

Meet Our Staff

Keith Oakes, MPT
Patrick Cuppy, DPT
Margie Marden, MPT
Stacey Meers, PT
Lindsey Johnson, DPT
Tyler Loewenstein, DPT
Eric Schaffer, ATC
Ryan Pitzer, ATC