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24 Hour Emergency

PCMH Emergency Services

The Emergency Room and Emergency Medical Services currently work together to ensure that patients with Stroke or Heart Attack get care which is begun quickly and communicated readily. If a patient calls for an ambulance and is suspected of having a heart attack, the EMS can do the EKG and send it directly to the ER to be read by the ER physician. The EMS also start the treatment with initiation of an IV and drawing blood to be sent to lab as well as giving oxygen, nitroglycerine and aspirin. The rapid recognition and treatment of patients experiencing symptoms of a heart attack saves time, which saves heart muscle.

Patients who call the ambulance or present to the Emergency Room with signs of a Stroke will be cared for by a team which is trained in stroke care. The Emergency Room and Emergency Medical personnel have been trained in recognizing the symptoms of a stroke, leading to a decrease in time from arrival to treatment. Currently, PCMH has the ability to transmit CT scans of the brain to select stroke centers to be evaluated by a neurologist immediately for an expert consult. This expert consult can suggest treatment options up to and including TPA, often referred to as the "clot buster" to treat strokes-which can be given at PCMH. Patients who have bleeding in the brain can also benefit from the early recognition and treatment of symptoms such as elevated blood pressure and high clotting times.

PCMH ER and EMS staff have worked hard to develop protocols and treatment options which maximize the chance for early recognition and treatment of these potentially deadly conditions.

PCMH Emergency Medical Services

Two ambulances are staffed around the clock to serve the emergency needs that arise throughout Pike County, MO. One of the ambulances is located at PCMH and has the east side of Pike County as a primary responsibility. The second ambulance is at the satellite EMS base in Bowling Green and this unit primarily serves the western side of the county.

PCMH EMS staff includes 7 full time paramedics and 7 full time emergency medical technicians.
PCMH EMS is licensed through the state of Missouri as an Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) service.

Contacting the PCMH Emergency Department is gained by phoning 9-1-1. The call is routed directly to PCMH ER through the 9-1-1 centers in Bowling Green and Louisiana.